My #MLQChampionship Journey, Day 5

You don’t force traditions. They just happen. They’re organic. A year and a half ago, I came home from Irvine after reffing nine games and all I wanted to do was see this face and eat a 4×4. I was hungry and it was convenient. It was the first time James picked me up from a quidditch journey. It’s become a regular thing since then.

I forgot how we got into the habit of going to In-and-Out whenever I get back from my quidditch travels, only that it kept happening. It’s a tradition now. I spent the whole day knowing that I would end it with my favorite person and a final #MLQChampionship post as cheesy as the well-done fries I ordered.

This is the first meal I made for James in our new apartment—aka Casa Gold Bar. As you can see, we’re still unpacking and figuring out how to put our stuff together. It’s a simple meal; breakfast is pretty hard to screw up.

I’ve been under the weather this week and in the midst of starting a new job, so I haven’t been pulling my weight as much as I’d like on the apartment set up front. Meanwhile, Jim’s been building our furniture and tolerating boxes of my stuff building up in any spare corner I can find. So I decided to make him breakfast to make up for my shortcomings.

Now he’s doing the dishes.

I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I’m glad I did it.