Currently Reading: The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa

Some books are quick reads. This is not one of them.

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Professora Elizabeth, Year 3

You’d think that starting my third year would mean that I’d have this teaching down, right? Pfffft, only if teaching isn’t your day job. While every year brings new challenges, I have only response to that:

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Poetry with Professora Elizabeth: Mar Português

While the kids in the preschool class are singing songs for the end of year presentation we’re putting on to show the parents that their children really did learn something this year, I decided to give my students something I didn’t get much of in Portuguese school: poetry.

And since this is me we’re talking about, this week we did Fernando Pessoa’s Mar Portugues. I wrote about why this poem has had such an impact on my life, so go check that out if you haven’t already because I’m diving right in.

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Dia de Portugal 2017

For a crash course on what Dia de Portugal is, check out my post from last year. This year, I decided to let my camera do the talking.

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Poetry with Professora Elizabeth: A Cozinha da Avo

I haven’t come back to this poem for almost twenty years. Since then, I’ve racked up a couple degrees in words, English and otherwise. It took teaching this poem for me to discover it’s deeper meaning

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Fridays with Fernando: Mar Português

Fernando Pessoa statue in the Jardim das Poetas. Oeiras, Portugal. Fernando Pessoa stencil in the Bairro Alto. Lisbon, Portugal.

If you’ve heard me talk about anything Portuguese for any length of time, I’ll eventually start gushing about my literary boyfriend: Fernando Pessoa.

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World Poetry Day 2017: As Ilhas Afortunadas

Happy World Poetry Day, everyone! Here’s one of my favorites: As Ilhas Afortunadas by Fernando Pessoa.

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I left the house and walked out into a veil of fog that silenced the usual morning noises and shrouded the usual morning sights. It felt like a fitting way to start a week in a newly unfamiliar world.

Unrepentant fangirl that I am, I had a Fernando Pessoa quote immediately leap to mind to describe how I felt.

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Everything’s Coming Up Barcelos!

After a summer of uncertainty, it feels good to have direction in my life again.

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Dia de Portugal, Camões, e das Comunidades Portuguesas: Part 2

Luis de Camões wasn’t some poet scribbling down his musings from his ivory tower. He was a certified badass. He’s not winking at you; he lost his eye fighting the Moors in Ceuta! His military service also took him to Goa, and later he was offered a position in Macau. On his way back home […]

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