2018 Resolution Update: February

Everyone makes resolutions for the new year. I know that this January was so long that felt like a whole year, but nope, we still have eleven more months to go. Time to check in and see if I’ve been working on reaching the goals I set for myself. Continue reading

New year, same(ish) me: 2018 resolutions

We’re six days into the year. The new car smell of 2018 is still there but slowly fading away. Now’s as good a time as any to talk about new year’s resolutions.

Between the two extremes of “NEW YEAR, NEW ME!” and “Ew, new year’s resolutions are dumb,” I think there’s a happy medium for everyone. Sure, the fact that January 1st is the day where one year turns into another is somewhat arbitrary. On the other hand, there’s something I’ve always liked about trying to plant the seeds of change in the depths of winter so that they’re in full bloom by the time spring rolls around.

(Never mind that it’s a humid and sprinkly 65 degrees in San Jose as I write this while the East Coast deals with Snowpocalypse 2018—it gets too dark too early and that’s what I mean when I use embellished purple prose like “the depths of winter.”)

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