How Professora Nearly Ruined Christmas

This year’s Portuguese class skews relatively young. Last year, my class ranged from 3rd graders to 6th graders. This year, it’s more like 1st through 5th grade. That wider gap in age and cognitive ability, combined with the fact that half of my class is new while the other half is in their second year […]

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#WRC2017: A Prayer to St. Quidditch

Note: These are my personal thoughts and do not represent or influence any quidditch organization. This is proven by the fact that USQ generally prefers four pools of five teams for 20-team tournaments, not five pools of four teams. Oopsies? But if my prayers do fall upon the ears of the good Spirit and are […]

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The Death of the Hockey Gods, or, Liz Becomes an Atheist

In case my mother reads this: in spite of my rare church attendance, no, I have not actually become a godless heathen. I’m still as Catholic as I was before this epiphany. I just came to understand atheists better… though Sharks hockey. Let me backtrack a little bit. A few days ago, during those glorious days […]

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