2017 Year in Review: Career

I put off this edition of my Year in Review for last because it’s the hardest one to write. It means admitting … More


Poetry with Professora Elizabeth: Mar Português

While the kids in the preschool class are singing songs for the end of year presentation we’re putting on to show the parents that their children really did learn something this year, I decided to give my students something I didn’t get much of in Portuguese school: poetry.

And since this is me we’re talking about, this week we did Fernando Pessoa’s Mar Portugues. I wrote about why this poem has had such an impact on my life, so go check that out if you haven’t already because I’m diving right in.

A Charter to COLLEGE

In East San Jose, passing the Tropicana Shopping Center on Story Road, bumping over the potholes on Alum Rock Avenue, or following VTA Route … More