Back From Hiatus: Where I’ve Been, Where I Am, and Where I’m Going

What was supposed to be a week-ish break from blogging while I was in Austin last April turned into a nearly two-month-long hiatus. Let’s get caught up on what happened in the last two months, what’s coming in the months ahead, and the future of this blog.

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2018 Year in Review

A look back at 2018.

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Coming up this week… (and a brief SF interlude)

It’s 2018 and already the score is Barcelos 0, Perfectionism 1. In spite of my best efforts, I couldn’t quite get my second blog post for last week into a state I considered for public consumption. But if you follow me on twitter, you knew that already. I'm working on tomorrow's blog post and I have […]

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New year, same(ish) me: 2018 resolutions

We’re six days into the year. The new car smell of 2018 is still there but slowly fading away. Now’s as good a time as any to talk about new year’s resolutions.

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Byline Brag: September 27, 2017

While I’m normally the editor of the Schools and Business & Real Estate sections, this week I was responsible for three sections. Last week was my first time running our Your Home section, which usually runs every last week of the month.

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Byline Brag: September 20, 2017

Welcome to this week’s Byline Brag! I’m not super thrilled by that name for this series, so if you have any other ideas, let me know. Bonus points for puns and/or alliteration. Today’s featured article is the profile I did on a Foothill college grad who’s also a DACA recipient. Community colleges and working class […]

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: A Schedule + Professional Update

Oh man, it’s been just over a month since I posted. I swear I haven’t been lazy. If anything, it’s been the opposite problem. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to in the last month: Portuguese school started again! I joined the board of the Silicon Valley Portuguese Education and Culture Foundation. […]

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Joomag Design Academy

How personal blogging helped me land a real life writing job.

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It was only a few months ago that I poured my heart and frustrations out to the internet on how it seemed impossible to find a writing job and make a living in Silicon Valley as a not-quite-fresh-anymore college grad. This Is My Life in Silicon Valley is still my most popular post, but it did […]

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NaNoWriMOh Yeah, I Was Supposed to Be Doing This

Let me start with what y’all really care about: my word count. Even having made things easy on myself, I only wrote a paltry 15102 words.

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