The Tulle Skirt Experiment

Or rather, Barcelos didn’t know she could wear a tulle skirt without looking completely ridiculous. I asked for your help and I was lucky to have several answers to choose from!

I decided that if this was going to be a proper experiment, I wasn’t going to just throw together outfits based on your recommendations, take pictures of them, and then call it a day. I was going to wear a tulle skirt out in the wild, doing the things I usually do during the week.

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Sass + 1: Women in Quidditch

I spent some time with one of my favorite YouTubers, Sequoia Simone, before US Quidditch Cup 10. Between us, we have over a decade of quidditch experience and we’ve held every organizing and officiating role in the sport. We had a great talk about what it’s like being a woman in the positions we’ve held in quidditch and how that’s impacted our view on the sport and society as a whole. While it’s definitely not the definitive conversation on the topic, I hope it sparks more discussion on the subject.

Tangentially related: Frozen bedroom we spent the week in was hella adorable.

Kissimmee Cooldown, Pt. 1

A lot happened at US Quidditch Cup 10. It was too much for me for me to process and then write about last week. Too much for one post. Since the tournament felt like two different events anyway, I’ve split my posts up accordingly. Today, I’ll be covering what it was like to play again and be a part of NorCal quidditch on the national stage. Next Monday, I’ll share my take on US Quidditch Cup 10 as a spectator and volunteer.

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Fernando Pessoa statue in the Jardim das Poetas. Oeiras, Portugal. Fernando Pessoa stencil in the Bairro Alto. Lisbon, Portugal.

My editorial calendar is a garbage fire because I have some seriously insurmountable post-nationals writer’s block. I want to write one thing but I should be writing something else.

Good thing I have my literary boyfriend Fernando Pessoa around to set me straight.


I’ll be back to playing by the rules of the game next week.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I know you’re all probably waiting to hear about US Quidditch Cup 10 or the latest chapter of Marcenda’s adventures, but that is going to have to wait. Nerd games are fun, nerd sports are even better, but I love hockey above all these things.

It’s time to toss out my editorial calendar (j/k, just gonna make a lot of tweaks) and abandon my sanity because the Stanley Cup Playoffs are here! The only things I care about more than seeing the Sharks finally raise the Holy Grail of hockey are the following: breathing, sleeping, eating. I can do two of those while watching hockey, which is convenient.

Before the puck drops tonight and the Sharks #WreckTheRig in Edmonton, I thought I’d share a few of the ridiculous things my annual (except for the rare year when we miss the playoffs) hockey madness has driven me to do.

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