About Elizabeth

barcelosI know that you’re supposed to write these things in the third person but this is my blog so I’m going do things my way.

I’ve been called an insufferable know-it-all, I love a good slant rhyme, and “Write what you know” is the most cliche—yet true—piece of writing advice ever. Thus, Barcelos Knows was born. However, I just as often find myself writing about the things I don’t know… but that I’m working on.

I’m a millennial in her early 30s, and like the rest of my stunted generation, I’m still that still trying to figure things out, one blog post at a time. I’m probably your One Quidditch Friend, or else your Token Portuguese Friend. I live in the most forgettable—and unaffordable—city in America… but it’s home and so I refuse to leave.

Someday I’ll write an About page that doesn’t make me cringe.

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