About Elizabeth

Born in Little Portugal, raised in Alum Rock, adulting in Downtown San Jose.I know that you’re supposed to write these things in the third person but this is my blog so I’m going do things my way.

I’ve been called an insufferable know-it-all, I love a good slant rhyme, and “Write what you know” is the most cliche — yet true — piece of writing advice I’ve ever come across. I put all those ideas together and Barcelos Knows was born. However, that doesn’t stop me from writing about the things I don’t know, because life is too short not to be an eternal work-in-progress.

You can find me hanging out in one of my usual haunts: slumped over my laptop in a DTSJ coffee shop, screaming on the sidelines of a quidditch pitch, or clinging to my hypernated-American heritage in San Jose’s Little Portugal.

Someday I’ll write an About page that doesn’t make me cringe. Until then, feel free to check out my Resume and Publications pages if you’re interested in my professional writing, teaching, or event management experience.

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