About Elizabeth

Q: Who are you?

A: Elizabeth Ávila Barcelos, sometimes called Liz.

Q: What are you?

A: Portuguese-American. Former gifted and talented student. Terminally online Millennial in her 30s turned social media manager extraordinaire. Really, really invested in local government. Retired niche sports person. Aries sun/Scorpio moon/Aquarius rising, which I’m told means that I’m hotblooded, intensely emotional, and (italics used to indicate an appropriate amount of irony) not like other girls.

Q: Where are you?

A: Born and raised in San Jose, California. (Okay, I was actually born just across the border in Santa Clara, but close enough.) When I’m off the clock, I’m most likely to be found at a locally owned coffee shop, watching government meetings on the couch with my husband, or fighting the good fight for local progressive causes.

Q: When are you?

A: Obnoxiously early for everything, because I hate wasting other people’s time.

Q: Why are you blogging?

A: I like having my personal corner of the internet. Welcome. My day job involves a lot of writing things for other people. I love it, but this is where I keep the things I write things for myself.