About Elizabeth

Born in Little Portugal, raised in Alum Rock, adulting in Downtown San Jose.

I know that you’re supposed to write these things in the third person but this is my blog so I’m going do things my way.

I’ve been called an insufferable know-it-all, I love a good slant rhyme, and “Write what you know” is the most cliche — yet true—piece of writing advice ever. Thus, Barcelos Knows was born. However, I just as often find myself writing about the things I don’t know… but that I’m working on.

I’m a millennial in her early 30s, and like the rest of my stunted generation, I’m still trying to figure things out, one blog post at a time. I’m probably your One Quidditch Friend, or else your Token Portuguese Friend. I live in the most forgettable—and unaffordable—city in America… but it’s home and so I refuse to leave.

Someday I’ll write an About page that doesn’t make me cringe.

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