You would think that after everything I’ve written about quidditch, writing this would be easy. The days I’ve stared at my monitor trying to write this post would tell you otherwise. Go read what I’ve written about this sport before if you’re looking for more that.

Let’s talk about Right Now. Right Now sucks. Right Now has so many demands upon us. Upon our finances, our attention, our mental health. Right now is a lot.

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On Heroes and Saviors

It’s Palm Sunday as I start writing this, or in more secular terms, the Sunday before Easter. The name comes from the fact that at the beginning of the week that would end with Jesus dead and secreted into a borrowed tomb, the people of Jerusalem welcomed him, waving palm fronds as he passed. Within the week, many of those people would be watching the Crucifixion.

While I am lapsed in some ways, I still count myself a Catholic. This week marks the yearly apex of my faith. My favorite Mass is the one on Holy Thursday when the pastor reenacts the Last Supper, right down to washing twelve people’s feet. On Good Friday, my parish reenacts the Passion (I was the Portuguese narrator a few times as a teen and I still have snippets of the script burned into my brain) and has a funeral possession afterward that seems a bit much to my American friends but is straight out of the old country Azorean playbook.

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Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Championship

Three weeks, nine posts, and a very full recycling bin later, it’s over. We have a winner. I’ve run out of clever intros, so let’s jump right into this.

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Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Semi-Final #2

I took yesterday off for an unscheduled mental health day, but we are back and ready to finish out this competition by this weekend. Things not going to plan wound up being the theme of this semi-final.

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Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Semi-Final #1

As we advance into the semi-finals, the competition is tightening up. With all the duds eliminated, the four remaining contenders are all winners in the sense that I’ll be rebuying them in the future. But hey, I’m not here to hand out participation trophies. I’m here to pick a winner.

These two semi-finalists might be light on flavor, but they were both heavy on escapism. Yes, really.

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Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Match #4

Today’s the last match up of round one before we head into the semi-finals and beyond. The bubble bracket will be taking a brief break on Tuesday for this week’s lockdown update.

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s take a look at today’s match up between an old favorite and a last minute addition to the bracket.

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Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Match #3

With half of the first round complete, we only have two matchups left before the semi-finals. So far, the seeding has proven true and the higher ranked drinks have advanced. Bubly hasn’t steered me wrong yet, but will it continue the streak?

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Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Match #2

This round brings together two new bracket competitors that wound up being very familiar. Will this closely seeded match up give us the first upset of the tournament? Let’s dive into these carbonated waters to find out.

And if you missed yesterday’s match up, you can find that here.

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Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Match #1

This first match takes place between two contenders that I hadn’t tried before this tournament: one seeded at the very top by my readers and one brand I didn’t even know existed until this month. Let’s get this party started.

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Bubble Water Bracket 2020: The Bracket!

I know I said I’d be releasing the bracket on Saturday, but Animal Crossing happened and I spent the whole weekend on island time so that didn’t quite work out. However, I also spent the weekend making sure every single contender in this year’s bracket got the tasting and consideration that they deserved, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

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