Out of the Vault, Volume 1

Text: Out of the Vault, Volume 1 Background: a golden vault with the door cracked open

This week’s scheduled post isn’t quite ready for showtime just yet, but I am trying to get into the habit of blogging once per week. Instead of wasting a perfectly good week, I decided to dust off some of my favorite old posts for your (re)reading pleasure instead.

Liz’s Lisbon To-Do List was written in late 2019, right before the word novel became an adjective used before coronavirus instead of something you read. Portugal is still a popular tourist destination, so if you’re thinking of heading that way, give this a read.

Normally I edit and refine and nitpick my posts for at least a few days before they go out, but I wrote Sunday Morning with Fernando in one sitting. It chronicles a much-needed moment of catharsis brought on by a visit to the farmer’s market that left me in (happy) tears after rereading it years later.

We got engaged!

We got engaged! is exactly what it sounds like. My then-fiancé/now-husband pulled off a pretty stellar surprise proposal. We had no idea that planning a wedding would prove to be a far more daunting task, but this post is a happy snapshot from one of the happiest days of my life.

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